Troop 111 has created many articles over the years and we provide them here for your enjoyment and safety in scouting.

Equipment Lists:

  • One-Night Car Camping Equipment List
  • Two-Night Car Camping Equipment List
  • Backpacking-Crew Equipment List
  • Bare Bones Backpacking Equipment List
  • Winter Cabin Camping Personal Equipment List
  • Winter Outside Camping Equipment List
  • Buying Food – a Parent’s Guide

Planning Guides:

  • Senior Patrol Leader Guide
  • Patrol Leader Guide
  • Life Practical Guide
  • 1st Class Practical Guide
  • 2nd Class Practical Guide
  • Tenderfoot Practical Guide
  • Patrol Menu Guide
  • Quartermaster’s Check List
  • Bear Safety Guide
  • Backpacking  Meals Items
  • Hurricane Prep Guide
  • Ice Storm Prep Guide
  • Guidelines For Adult Drivers

Activity Guides:

  • The Beginner’s Skiing Guide
  • The Caving Guide
  • The Snowboarding Guide
  • The Winter Cabin Campout Guide
  • The Ski Trip Cabin Guide
  • Winter Trips – Vehicle Issues
  • Ski Trips – Personal Preparation & Personal Responsibilities