Current Activities

Lake Fairfax Bike Trip scheduled for September 17-18, 2011.

Guns and Arrows, September 23-25

For all Guns and Arrows Attendees- from McKay Allen, Life Practical Scout
Remember, the is September 23rd to 25th. PERMISSION SLIPS WITH PAYMENT MUST BE TURNED IN BY NEXT MONDAY NIGHT – NO EXCEPTIONS. All persons attending this meeting MUST come to the informational meeting in the St. Agnes gym next Monday night, September 19th, in place of our regular meeting (if you are not going to Guns & Arrows you do NOT need to come to the meeting). At that meeting, we have a lot to cover, including Range and Safety Instructions, so it is MANDATORY to come so we can get to shooting as quickly as possible at Camp Potomac. Also, we will be assigning an early crew, food crews, and a Thursday night packup crew, so please be there. Also, we will figure out if there is any interest to complete the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge or the First Class Practical Exam at Camp Potomac. Any new scouts wishing to attend need to make sure their BSA registration form has been turned in. ALL ATTENDEES need to be certain that their medical forms are up to date. If you have any questions, please email me at (mcaps95 at Additional information is available in the most recent Troop 111 Weekly Notes email.


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